About Us

The company Alvi Technik SRL- D. has begun to operate in 2014 due to a governmental start-up program by young entrepreneurs offering integrated services in the fields of CNC-manufacturing, welding constructions and technical analyses. The company is located in the Cluj-Napoca, Romania with currently 16 employees supplying national and international customers in Romania, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France and Belgium.

What We Do?

We offer a wide range of manufacturing processes executed on CNC-machines and welding constructions. Machined parts and assemblies made of steel, stainless steel, alloy, aluminum, cast iron and plastics are provided rapidly in high quality no matter if in single-item or series production.

Contact Us!

For additional information on the range of products available, please feel free to contact us!

E-mail: office@alvi-technik.com
Phone: +4(0) 766-181.741
Address: 18 Muncii Blvd., Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 400641

Advantages working with Alvi-Technik

   Each piece is treated according to its specific features, in order to ensure the highest standards of quality;

   The technology used is updated to the latest research in the field, providing increased efficiency in production;

   Our staff consists of highly trained experts and specialist;

   Due to nearby located suppliers and our own material stocks we reduce the execution time of parts significantly;

   Various types of machines can provide a diverse range of processed products;

   We maintain close customer relations for quick and individual responses to their needs and expectations;

   To avoid possible misunderstandings and complications we provide a close cooperation with our clients;

   We work in close cooperation with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca ant the Aurel Vlaicu High School;

   Alvi-Technik has access to a large network of cargo transportation and forwarding agents ensuring a fast delivery of produced parts.