Origo Mig C340 PRO

Lyrica for sale levitra Origo Mig C340 PRO The Origo Mig C340 PRO is a step-regulated compact power source for MIG/MAG welding. They are designed for light to medium-duty applications.

The Origo Mig C340 PRO is a 40 voltage-step unit. The operator can adjust wire-feed speed and select 2- or 4-stroke control and creep start. Strong, galvanised metal casing and built-in 4 roll wire feeder makes this unit both practical and mobile. The 4 roll wire feed ensures smooth and even delivery of wire in all materials and is a popular choice when high welding speeds are required.
It is also an ideal machine for training establishments of all kind as well as industry.
Excellent welding properties with stable arc and finely matched voltage steps
Suitable for the welding of aluminium and GMA brazing of galvanised sheet metal
Galvanised metal housing with optional air filer designed for use under rough conditions
Three inductance connections for optimal arc dynamics
Professional PSF305 Torch included
Simple polarity change allows use of solid and flux cored wires
Digital amp/volt meters fitted as standard