Alvi Technik SRL company with headquarters in Baciu, no 8 Caprioarei Street, Cluj county, Romania, started the project "Development of the company Alvi Technik SRL-D" CODE PROJECT MYSMIS 104250, at the working point: no 18 Muncii Boulevard, Ap 1 / A, Cluj County, Romania. The project started on 21.12.2017 and it will end on 30.08.2018.

The project “Development of the company Alvi Technik SRL-D” is financed through Regional Operational Programe 2014-2020 and is implemented by ALVI TECHNIK SRL having a total value of 1,396,203.19 Lei (the amount representing the total value of the project according to the contract) from which 856,467.10 Lei (non-reimbursable amount requested / allocated / settled) represents non-reimbursable financing.

The Regional Operational Program 2014-2020 is implemented at national level by the Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds, as Management Authority, and at regional level by the North West Regional Development Agency, an intermediary body of the program that monitors the implementation of this project.

Within the project the company acquired the following assets:

1) Horizontal CNC lathe VictorTaichung- Model Vturn 45/125 from Mepro Sourcing B.V. supplier

2) Continuous band saw Cosen AH-320H from Mepro Sourcing B.V. supplier

3) Vertical machining center with CNC VictorTaichung- Model Vcenter 205 from Mepro Sourcing B.V. supplier

Beneficiary contact data: Judetul Cluj, Municipiul Cluj-Napoca, B-dul Muncii, nr.18, Ap 1/A, România, Tel: 0766181741, E-mail: office@